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Preschool Fees - 2024

Through our equitable access initiative, St Peters Preschool  has managed to maintain high quality preschool education in New England - at sensible rates!


The daily fee  for Term 1 2024 is $42.50.  

Equity fee for Centrelink Health Care, Pension Card holders and ATSI children is $5.00/day. 

Full Day  2024

8:15 - 15:45

St Peters Preschool receives Start Strong Fee Relief Funding through the NSW Education Department. If you elect St Peters Preschool for your Fee Relief for 2024 you will receive two days of preschool for your child at no cost.  The third day for 4 year old children will be $20 for Term 1 2024. 

Addtional Annual Expenses:


Enrolment fee for new students $35

Enrolment fee for existing students $15

Maintenance contribution  $100 per year 

Toy and Equipment Fee $60 per year

As a community based not-for-profit organisation, St Peter's Preschool attempts to keep the fees as affordable as possible.  Please don't hesitate to contact the Preschool regarding fees and subsidies.

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