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Preschool Fees - 2023

Through our equitable access initiative, St Peter's has managed to maintain high quality preschool education in New England - at sensible rates!


The Base Rate of fees for 2023 is $40.00 for a full day  

Full Day  2023

8:15 - 15:45

St Peters Preschool receives Start Strong Fee Relief Funding through the NSW Education department for 2023. This means that each child will receive 2 full days at no cost if they elect to receive their Start Strong Funding at St Peters Preschool. The third day for 4 year old children will be $19 for Term 3 and 4 2023. 

Addtional Annual Expenses:


Enrolment fee for new students $35

Enrolment fee for existing students $15

Maintenance contribution  $100 per year 

Toy and Equipment Fee $60 per year

As a community based not-for-profit organisation, St Peter's Preschool attempts to keep the fees as affordable as possible.  Please don't hesitate to contact the Preschool regarding fees and subsidies.

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