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A brief collection of some great testimonials from both parents and children,

past and present!

Thank you to all our lovely educators for creating a fun and safe educational environment for our children. All the hard work you put in day after day doesn't unnoticed, thank you for everything.     Elise and Peter
To all the amazing teachers/staff at St Peter's Preschool,
for your love, warm smiles, compassion, listening ears, patience, fun ideas and awesome dedication .. providing the best environment for our precious child... Chris and Lee
Her time .. at preschool .. is like pouring liquid gold hours into her childhood. Caroline
We appreciate your love and care for our boys as well as teaching them to be smart and thoughtful young men..      Mel and Nick
Each morning our child says “Am I going to preschool today?” He is very disappointed when it's not a preschool day!        Alix and Jon
Thank you for making my child's introduction to preschool such a vibrant, inspiring and pleasurable experience for all our family..    Angus and Brigitte
Thank you for giving my daughter such a wonderful year at preschool. I have never met such beautiful, loving, intelligent and kind teachers … St Peter's is a magical place! You make it magical!          Catherine
My children have grown and developed in character and knowledge during their time with you. I have felt informed as a parent, as well as supported and encouraged. Thank you and may you continue your good work with joy and motivation and knowledge that you are making the world better one child at a time, one family at a time.       Shane
Teacher is like spring.
Who nurtures new green sprouts.
Encourages and leads them ..
Whenever they have doubts..                Jo
You have been everything we wished for and so much more.      Jacqui
Thank you for looking after my son and all the children with such care, compassion, love, generosity and wisdom! Your influence will go far and wide.       Shane
St Peter's has simply been a fantastic experience for all my children and us as a family. Your ability to nurture, care and role model for our children is wonderful.                 Bruce and Rebecca
St Peter's is such a special place as our son hops onto the next stepping stone in his life, we're glad our association will continue …          Inga and Cam

Children's testimonials

  • To all my teachers, I love all of you because you read me books - Noah
  • I like the flowers most at preschool - Layla
  • Seni likes to play with sand and with puzzles
  • I love dressing up in fairy wings - Mia
  • I like drawing dinosaurs at St Peter's Preschool - Will
  • When I grow up I want to be a preschool teacher at St Peter's - Ella
  • The blocks and the sea creatures are my favourite things - Heather
  • Maggie loves the chooks, collecting eggs and playing in the sandpit. She likes making cakes and cooking, I love playing in the sandpit, playing in the tents and on the slide. I love playing with the toys, riding the bikes on the biketrack and I love all the nice people - Elijah.
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